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Shopping tips

Shopping tips  
Wangfujing Dajie is a bustling pedestrian shopping mall and a place where old and new blend perfectly.It’s wonderful place just to sit,sip on a cool drink and “people-watch,”because people here come from all across China and from around the world.As one of the oldest shopping streets in Beijing,Wangfujing features many“Time Honoured Brand”stores,most of which are more than 100 years old.International brands,fantastic shops and restaurants,bookstores and an old,refurbished western-styled church epitomize modern Beijing.In the early evening,check out the “snack steet”on the north side of Donghuamen Dajie,east of Wangfujing Dajie.

Xidan Street
The Xidan Commercial Area,north of Xi Chang’an Jie,offers a wide range of shopping options.Xidan has six big shopping centres and Beijing’s biggest book store,the Beijing Books Building(see its excellent imported books section in the basement area).

Qianmen-Dashilan Shopping Area
As the oldest commercial steet in Beijing,the fortunes of the Qianmen-Dashilan Shopping Area have reflected the city’s sometimes turbulent history.Many chinese “Time Honoured Brand”businese have welcomed customers for generations here.After recent renovation,this centuries-old shopping area is booming once again.
Hongqiao Pearl Market
There are so many choices here. Finally, you shopping bag will be full with pearls,jewellery,jade,arts and crafts,toys,antiques and clothing,but also modern electronic goods,camera memory cards,clocks,watches,or all kinds of other interesting goods.

Silk Market
The Silk Market is the treat of all treats for bargain-hunting tourists. There are
many of the traders and wares speading out over three floors of this comfortable,safe building. Silk Market offers great values on fine cashmere and silk of all types,with designer labels available at knock-down prices.

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