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Beijing Night Performance

Acrobatics, Kungfu, and Beijing Opera have become must-see night shows. Houhai and Sanlituan bar street have become the favorite places for of fashion people who spend their night life.

Acrobatic show, Performed by highly-trained Chinese acrobats & circus performers, known as the Beijing Acrobatic Troupe. Action packed with outstanding feats, beautiful choreography, color and excitement — the show is one of the favorite nightlife venues in the wondrous "City of Peking". From contortionist acts to high wire stunts, this performance has it all. Now is your chance to witness the most extreme acrobat skill in China, at the theater known to be the best acrobatic show in Beijing.

Beijing Kungfu Show,The Legend of Kung Fu Show is a mix of traditional martial arts and modern theatre. Presenting stunning Kung Fu skills, exquisite ballet and music, this beautiful story in no doubt has become the most loved Kung Fu show in China.The show made its first appearance on the Beijing stage in July 15th 2004. Ever since it has received numerous awards and become a world class spectacle known around the world.

Beijing Opera Show,Liyuan Theatre has performed traditional Peking Opera since 1990 and it's one of the leading Opera venues located in former Xuanwu District; the birthplace of Beijing Opera.Within the long history of Peking opera, the performance at the Liyuan Theatre is the most classic introduction to the performing art. The repertoire is an interesting combination of delightful humour and old Beijing culture. All performed with ambitious intricacy and style. Here you will find a popular introduction to Chinese Opera.

Houhai bar street is undoubtedly a cultural brand. Houhai Bar Street began in 2000 and began to develop rapidly in 2002, with 120 bars stationed here.There is no noisy music, only melodious singing and the unique cultural atmosphere of the post-80s generation. With the old Beijing's characteristic Houhai, it is absolutely another melodious modern city.

Sanlitun Bar Street, the first bar was established in 1983, because in the Embassy area, it attracts many foreigners to relax here. In addition, there are a large number of foreign-funded enterprises and white-collar administrators in Dongcheng District. After that, media workers, performers and Chaozhou people came and went. Dasanlitun area gradually developed, high-end hotels, shopping malls and other pens are everywhere. The day was relatively cold, and after 9 p.m., it was a busy time. Every day many foreigners come here by car or by taxi, especially in the evening, foreigners will flock here in groups. Not only foreigners are willing to come here, but many Chinese also invite customers or friends here. Make it a place for communication.

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