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Chengdu Food and Cuisine

As a paradise of food, Chengdu has countless delicacies, and food streets are everywhere. How much do Chengdu people like to eat? The exciting smell when shopping will give you the answer. There are so many snack streets in Chengdu, no matter where you walk, you can still have enough food and drink, even meaning is not exhausted.

Chengdu Hot Pot is more tender and tastes not as thick as Chongqing Hotpot, but more spicy and balanced. Chengdu hot pot soup has many famous places. Even the most popular red hot pot, chicken, fish and ox stick bones are used to make soup. In terms of aroma, it is mainly composed of five flavors and bean flakes. Dipping dish is the classic combination of fragrant oil and garlic paste.
Maocai, is a person's hot pot."Mao" here is a verb, that is, to put the dishes in the bottom of the soup, boil and then pick up. There is no limit to the raw materials of imitation vegetables. Potatoes, lotus root, cauliflower, lettuce, winter melon, konjac, cabbage, hollow cabbage, yellow cauliflower, kelp, maw, sausage, squid, sliced meat, yellow curd... As long as there are in the shop, the guests can choose which dish to order more, which dish should not be arbitrary. The boss put the dish into the bamboo leak, then put it in the soup bottom, a few minutes later, the bamboo leak out, pour it into the bowl of pre-seasoning. But now the relatively new counterfeit restaurants are generally divided into vegetable dishes and meat dishes. The customers take their own dishes and then weigh them to calculate the cost. The way is different. The taste is still the same as hot pot.
Bobo Chicken is a very popular snack in Chengdu. It is actually a pot with red and yellow porcelain dragon pattern on the outside. The dishes are made by signature string after special processing of beads. The dishes are immersed in various flavors of condiments. Eating from one's own food adds a lot of interest besides the long taste. Bobo Chicken has developed to today. In addition to crisp and tender chicken, it also adds more dietary elements, such as meat and vegetable dishes, spicy and light.
Three cannons glutinous rice buns(Ciba) are famous snacks in Chengdu. On a wooden board, there are 12 copper plates, two overlapping, arranged in rows. Under the board was a large steaming iron pot filled with boiled glutinous rice with mallets. A strong man kept pulling out a handful of glutinous rice buns from the pot, picking up three buns and beating them rhythmically. Rice bun bounces across the board and leaps into the dustpan with soybean noodles on top of the board, making three sounds of "bump, bump and bump", such as gunfire. Then, from the dustpan, the buns are picked up into one plate every three, poured with brown sugar and sprinkled with sesame, that is, the "three cannons".
Rabbit head, Chengdu people chew rabbit head comparable to Shanghai people eat hairy crab. People who can't eat feel laborious and hungry. People who can eat enjoy it. Rabbit head is cooked in a pot with more than ten spices, such as cinnamon, fennel and dried chili, and soaked for several hours. The rabbit's head is first weighed with spices and then dried in clear water to remove its fishy smell. The rabbit's head, which had been soaked for a long time, was deeply flavored, but the meat was still tender. The spicy rabbit head needs to be stirred with spicy spices, and then let the spicy taste penetrate into it.

Mapo Tofu is one of the most local specialties in Chinese bean curd dishes, which has a history of more than 100 years. Characteristic is cooked by "firing" method, on snow-white tender tofu, decorated with brown-red beef powder and green garlic seedlings, surrounded by a circle of bright red oil with a unique flavor of hemp, spicy, hot, tender, crisp,and fresh.
Gongbao Chicken
is a traditional Sichuan dish. Stir-fried chicken, dried chili pepper, peanut and rice, characterized by delicate fragrance, hot but not dry, slightly sweet and sour taste. It has become a famous Chinese dish both at home and abroad.

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