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Chengdu night performance

In Chengdu, to watch traditional performances, you can go to the elegant Shufeng Yayuan, the Furon Guocui, and the splendid Tianfu Liyuan Garden These are representative performances of Sichuan Opera in Chengdu.
Shufeng Yayun used to be a club of famous Sichuan opera actors. In recent years, it has reunited with famous Sichuan opera actors and launched a "classic opera, folk art show" every night. Xishu civilization has been handed down from generation to generation, and it is endowed by nature. Facial change, fire blasting and rolling lights are well-known in China. The magic skill of stick-head puppet, ghost axe and exquisite craftsmanship make the style of pear garden reappear in the past, and the traditional voice and rhyme linger around the beam.
Furon Guocui is performed by the performers of Sichuan Opera Troupe in Jinjiang Theater, a famous theatre house. The famous actors in Chengdu Sichuan Opera circle are gathered together, and the classic repertoire of Sichuan Opera is carefully compiled, with emphasis on the stunts of rolling lights, spitting fires and changing faces. Before the performance, you can use tickets to cover a bowl of tea at the Yuelai Tea house, which is the old restaurant nearby.
Tianfu Liyuan Garden has elegant and comfortable performing environment, face-changing performances, acrobatics, tea art performances, elegant and comfortable decorative environment that warm winter and cool summer watching is not affected by temperature difference. In summer, you can also visit Huanglongxi Ancient Town!

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