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Guangzhou Food and Cuisine

"Eating in Guangzhou" has become a popular saying both at home and abroad. Guangzhou ranks first in the number of restaurants and tea-houses in the country. Cantonese cuisine is good in color, fragrance, taste and presentation.
Steamed vermicelli roll is the most common breakfast in Guangdong, and it is a snack that most people like. Now it has spread all over the country, almost every city can see the existence of steamed vermicelli roll This snack,which has appeared in the Tang Dynasty, is an absolute traditional delicacy. Cantonese type of steamed vermicelli roll looks as white as snow, thin as cicada wings, crystal clear. It tastes delicious, delicate and slippery, and a little toughness, which is unforgettable. It is rich in protein, trace elements, vitamins and so on. It has the effect of strengthening body and prolonging life, especially for malnourished children and adolescents.
Cantonese-style edge-beating stove is a famous dish with full color, fragrance and flavor. It is a bit like northern chafing dish. It is usually based on high soup, with a variety of seafood, game and mountain delicacies, such as sashimi, squid, shrimp slices and so on. Its sauce is mainly supplemented by special secretarial sandtea sauce. It is one of the arts that Cantonese people eat.
Fork-baked bread is a popular snack in Guangzhou and one of the four heavenly kings of Cantonese morning tea. The surface of fork-baked bread is improved from the fermented dough commonly used in the north. When making the steamed bun, it should be made into a sparrow cage. Because of proper fermentation, the top of steamed bun will crack naturally. In fact, it is a kind of flowering steamed bread with fork-roasted meat filling. The steamed bread slightly cracked to reveal the filling, and emitted a burst of aroma of steamed bread, which made people salivate.
Glutinous rice chicken: There are two ways of making glutinous rice chicken in China. One is Wuhan snack glutinous rice chicken, the other is Guangzhou glutinous rice chicken. Guangzhou's glutinous rice chicken is steamed in a steamer with stuffing such as chicken, roast pork, spareribs, salted egg yolk, mushroom and so on. The entrance of the glutinous rice chicken is full of the fragrance of lotus leaf, which is sticky when chewing and has the fragrance of chicken meat.
Wonton noodles are one of the traditional snacks in the memory of Guanzhou people. Most people in Guangzhou have a hard feelings about Wonton noodles. Wonton stuffed with shrimp and pork, smooth entrance, generally bamboo noodles, with duck eggs and noodles, without a drop of water, and then pressed with bamboo, very strong, tongue tip of China has introduced the practice of bamboo noodles. And the soup bottom of wonton noodles is usually the secret recipe of the store, and also the essence of wonton noodles. There is pork bone clear soup, but also the use of earth fish boiled. Then the bottom of the soup is fresh with very delicious.

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