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Guangzhou performance

The night life of Guangzhou people is very rich, just like that of other cities. But there are also more characteristic life content. Recently, some new elements such as "ice spring summer resort, bonfire party", "seafood dinner, Qingzhou fishing fire" and "night hot spring to watch the opening of the Olympic Games" have appeared on the market. In this context, the major scenic spots and theme parks have opened special night trips and added the elements of night trips.
The most common night program is Pearl River Night Tour and Baiyun Mountain Night Watch.
Night tour of the Pearl River is a unique feature of Guangzhou. It can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery of both sides of the Pearl River with tens of dollars on a luxury cruise ship, but also enjoy drinking and singing on the deck, and even open a room for a good night on the cruise ship. The elegance of ancient literati and poets'night tour of Qinhuai River and Dongting Lake has not only attracted many Guangzhou citizens, but also attracted tourists from all over the country.
Baiyun Mountain Night Watch was one of the "Eight Sceneries of Yangcheng" 700 years ago. You can see the bustling night scenery of the largest modern city in South China. Of course, the tranquility and health of mountain climbing at night are also the aspirations of many people, and this is a cheap and beneficial way of life at night.

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