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Guilin Food and Cuisine

Guilin is a multi-ethnic city with 28 ethnic minorities, such as Zhuang, Hui, Miao, Yao and Dong, accounting for about 8.5 per thousand of Guilin's total population. Guilin is a very good tourist attraction. There are not only many beautiful scenic spots here, but also many delicious foods with various characteristics.
Guilin rice noodle is a traditional snack with a long history in Guangxi. It is well known for its unique flavor. Its workmanship is exquisite. First, the fine early indica rice is ground into pulp, packed and dried, and then boiled into a dough and pressed into round or flakes. Its characteristics are white, delicate, soft, refreshing. The flavor of rice flour varies with the materials and methods used in brine. Roughly lettuce noodle, beef fillet noodle, three fresh noodle, raw soup noodle, brine noodle, hot and sour noodle, horse meat rice noodle, basal rice noodle and so on.
Lipu Button Meat is a famous local dish with all kinds of color, flavor and taste. This dish is golden in color, soft and refreshing taro slices, oily but not greasy, fragrant, with heat-clearing, fire-dispelling and skin-moisturizing functions. Guilin's specialty dishes are authentic Guilin Lipu taro, peeled pork and Guilin Sufu as the main materials. Steamed vegetable is the main cooking dish with salty and sweet taste. Divide the skinned pork and sliced Lipu taro into deep-fried yellow. Then turn the skinned pork pieces downward and steamed in a bowl between the skinned pork pieces and the taro pieces. Turn them into another dish and serve.
Yangshuo "beer fish" is a famous local specialty in Yangshuo. Fish is spicy and delicious. There is no fishy smell in Yangshuo. The aroma of beer and fish can make people appetite. Yangshuo beer fish is made of fresh carp from the Lijiang River in Yangshuo. It is first fried with the raw tea oil produced in the northern mountain area of Guilin, and then braised with the best beer from Guilin. It has a unique crisp, fresh and tender flavor.
Guilin snail brewing: Guilin snail is very special. First, it's big and the biggest is about the size of table tennis; second, it's not like the taste of snail itself. The meat inside is not all snail meat, but first take out the snail meat, chop pork, coriander and other condiments together, then fill the empty shell of the snail and cook with the soup.

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