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Guilin Performance

Guilin is not only a city with fresh and beautiful scenery, but also a historical and cultural heritage. The beautiful water and mountains nurtured Guilin's sons and daughters who love singing and dancing. Every year on March 3rd, the Song Festival is their grand national festival. On this day, all the people dress up and show their expectation and pursuit of a better life with moving singing and happy dancing.
here are two performances in Guilin that must be seen- the impression of Liu Sanjie and Guilin Eternal Love
Liu Sanjie is a folk legend of the Zhuang people. She is smart, singing like spring, beautiful and moving, and has the reputation of song fairy. She has become a business card of Guilin tourism, come to Guilin to find her heart that Liu Sanjie, which is endless loud singing, reposing the longing for love, happy and beautiful life and yearning.
The large-scale song and dance "Guilin Eternal Love" is what people call a must-see performance in their life. There are large-scale dancing beauty and high-tech lights here, which have brought us from Sanya 1300 years ago to today in the shocking stage effect. From ancient mysterious and moving myths to beautiful scenery of Guilin, from sad stories of Lingqu to the moving songs of Liu Sanjie, let's look for dusty civilization and experience the long history of Guilin's years.

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