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Guilin Touist attractions


​Guilin Touist attractions





As the terminal of the 65 kilometer-long Li River cruise tour, Yangshuo has long been a mecca for backpackers since 1980 's. Crisscrossed with rivers and streams the Yangshuo area is embraced by Li River and Yulong River on the outskirts while the city is within the arms of the limestone peaks and hills. Yangshuo itself is becoming so famous that a popular idiom now says "Guilin 's mountains and water are the most magnificent under heaven. But Yangshuo 's are even better."

This beautiful and sedate ancient city has a history of more than 1,000 years. However, it isn't a typical Chinese town. Yangshuo has a reputation as a tiny global village in Southern China. It is more like a vacation town, with an exotic blend of cultures where East meets West.

Many travelers use Yangshuo as a base to explore the Karst hills and rivers or checking out peculiar caves around. Renting a bike and throw yourself into the countryside with or without a guide, is one popular strategy. There is also a whole community of rock climbers enjoying hills and caves. Others may choose to just take it easy in the quaint cafes and bars on the West Street. This certainly isn't the whole story. In Yangshuo, there definitely is something for everyone.






Li River

The centerpiece of any trip to Guilin. Appearing like an artist's masterpiece with the eye-feasting landscape and country scenery, a cruise on Li River will never disappoint you.

Elephant Trunk Hill:

Shaped like a huge elephant dipping its trunk into the Li River to quench its thirst, the hill is a classic of karst landscape and regarded as the symbol of Guilin.


Reed Flute Cave:

A marvelous vision that our great Mother Nature creats and the most visited cave in the world. A large variety of natural rock formations are sure to challenge your imagination.




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