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Guizhou Food and Cuisine

Guizhou is a multi-ethnic region, especially for sour food. There is a saying that "three days without sour food, walkto leap forward". Guiyang, as the capital of Guizhou, is a collection of the essence of Guizhou's catering culture.
Sour Soup fish
Guizhou sour soup fish is very nutritious and delicious. Fish in Guizhou are rich in vitamins and minerals. The soup in sour soup fish is made of soup-stock. Guizhou water contains many trace elements. The sour vegetable fish made from this water is very special. Sour soup fish can also be eaten in other places, but it is necessary to eat the sauerkraut fish in Guizhou.
Cold dish ear-folding root
This dish wants to eat authentic only in Guizhou,  because the ear-folding root is produced here. Many old people and young children like to eat. There are also medicinal effects which can clear heat and detoxify. The local people believe that eating more of this kind of food can also prolong life.

Spicy chicken
For the spicy taste, Guizhou people like it very much. The chicken pieces are marinated with chilli and other spices, then fried in oil, then picked up after frying, and then processed through processes, a hot and delicious chili chicken is presented to the diners. After eating, it can remove moisture from the body, nutrition, delicacy and health.
Silk dolls, hand-branded large palm skin, beans sprouts, cucumbers, carrots, etc. wrapped up, add a few fried beans, poured paste pepper dipped in water, because the shape of infants in infancy, it has the image of the name.
Miao long table banquet
the highest form and solemn etiquette of Miao village banquet, although the material is ordinary, but the material is bright, full of local flavor, just like the simplicity of Miao people, there will be a toast and drinks during the banquet, and singing about wine, the scene is warm, unique experience.

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