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Harbin Performance

Harbin is famous for its ice sculptures all over the world. Therefore, in Harbin, want to see some special performances, that is, Harbin Ice Show in the Ice and Snow World, Dream Stage, Ice and Snow T show, Children's Drama in Ice and Snow Art Museum.
Harbin Ice Show will make pure snow and ice to create a brilliant miracle and beauty in the world with skillful craftsmanship. High-altitude snow dance, flying on the ice, thrilling acrobatics, colorful neon clothes, the most sophisticated form of ice and snow art must make the audience unforgettable.

Dream stage creates a world of dance and Carnival where passion ignites ice and snow. It has the characteristics of fashion, movement and youth internationalization, as well as the connotation of Chinese traditional culture and the local characteristics of Northeast China.
T-show will focus on the three themes of "ice and snow world", "Chinese customs" and "fairy tale kingdom", presenting the international standard T-show supermodel walk show, providing a gorgeous audio-visual feast for visitors from the ice and snow world, and conveying the cultural customs of Harbin's blending of China and the West.
Children's Drama in Ice and Snow Art Museum.
It tells the story of a lovely and kind little Bingling's adventure in search of his mother in the vast snow forest. The whole story is not only full of fascinating fantasy, but also can inspire and purify the viewer's mind.

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