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Dining in Hong Kong

Hong Kong wins the great reputation of "The Culinary Capital of Asia" at all the time. Cuisine of Hong Kong is the combination of Western style and Chinese style. It is one of the great centers for international cooking. Here is a place gathering cate of everywhere. It is a bridge between East and West. Exotic food and local traditional cuisine both struts their stuff. Food styles from Thai Land, Viet Nam, Indian and Singapore to France and Italian; and from Cantonese food, Si Chuan Cuisine to Peking food and Chiu Cow dishes, etc.

Sai Kung
Sai Kung is is a peninsula on the New Terrtories. It is a great place for outdoor activities - hiking, sailing, and especially eating seafood. Sai Kung is a town that evolved from a fishing village in Hong Kong’s New Territories. Fishermen still unload their catch at the harbour where there's a market centre with countless tanks of fresh seafood.

Lei Yue Mun
Lei Yue Mun is a short passage in between Junk Bay and Victoria Harbour, separating Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. The area around the passage are called Lei Yue Mun. It is noted for its seafood market and restaurants in the fishing villages on the Kowloon part. On the Hong Kong Island part, it has former military defence facilities.

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