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Huangshan Food and Cuisine

Huangshan cuisine is mainly Huizhou cuisine. Huizhou cuisine is good at cooking, steaming, steaming and simmering. It pays attention to condiments, heavy fire, and advocates the original taste of juice and heavy oil.

When you go to Huangshan, you must have a taste of the local specialty "Huizhou Mandarin Fish" and various delicacies cooked with fresh bamboo shoots or dried bamboo shoots. The name "stink" is actually fragrant.

Huangshan River snails - The stream water in Huangshan City is clear, the shallow bottom is full of sand, and there is no pollution. The quality of the snail is superior to that of the field snail. The meat is green, white and tender, and has no muddy smell. Huangshan River snails is slightly smaller than the field snail, when cooking, first cut off its tail end, with oil, salt, onion, ginger, vinegar, cooked in a pot, the taste is particularly delicious, deeply loved by diners.
Top Pot
A hot pot often eaten by Huangshan people in winter. In Top Pot, dried bamboo shoots are laid on the bottom of the pan, a piece of meat is laid on the second layer, white tofu or fried tofu is laid on the third layer, meat balls are laid on the fourth layer, vermicelli are laid on the fifth layer. Spinach or broccoli is decorated, seasonings and appropriate amount of water are added, and then cooked in a gentle fire.

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