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Inner Mongolia Food and Cuisine

The food of Inner Mongolia is basically northern. Moreover, their dietary culture has absorbed the practices of the Mongolian and Hui nationalities, and has very national characteristics.
Grabbing meat by hand is simple, boiled in white water or fragments, and grabbed with sauce, full of game. It is the herdsmen's favorite food and the herdsmen's favorite traditional dishes. Grabbing meat by hand is a delicious expression of the mind in herdsmen's consciousness, so it is one of the indispensable dishes for entertaining guests. In addition, in people's minds, if you don't eat meat on the grassland, you don't count the real grassland. When you go to Hohhot, don't forget to eat the Grabbing meat by hand.
Roasted leg of lamb is one of the delicious dishes of Mongolian nomadic people who like to eat and entertain guests. Although it is similar to roasted whole sheep in cooking method, it tastes more delicious and is more convenient to eat. With the continuous improvement of roast lamb leg production, various ingredients and condiments are constantly applied to make it a rare grassland flavor with tasty, tender, crisp and non-greasy.
Inner Mongolia specialty snack lamb chop is a famous traditional snack, and it is one of the indispensable leisure food in the daily life of people in Hohhot. In the streets and alleys of Hohhot, you can see the shadows of shredded shops. Sheep chop is head, hoof, blood, liver, heart, intestine, abdomen, so it is also known as "goat chowder". Material, production and food collocation are very special, but the price is medium. The soup is fragrant, fat and not greasy. It will make people appetite.

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