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Shanghai sightseeing

Shanghai sightseeing

The Bund

The bund area, is usually considered as a symbol of Shanghai, witnesses the yesterday and today’s bustling view of the Huangpu River. If you come to Shanghai, It is a must place for you to visit. Numerous buildings in a variety styles, the ancient, the modern, the traditional Chinese and the foreign will fascinate you here. Some of them are historical relics passed down by our ancestors and some others are mirroring designs of ancient Roman and Greece, Middle Ages, Renaissance and the Classicism. You may feel yourself in a world Architecture museum. The Night View at the bund is extremely marvelous. When the night falls, all the lights come out, the bund will give you a fantastic night scenery.


Bund Sightseeing Tunnel
The “Bund Sightseeing Tunnel” connects the Bund area and the Lujiazui CBD area in Pudong. As the first sightseeing tunnel in the world, the tunnel makes the trip from Puxi to Pudong feel like entering a wonderland. The dreamy trip in the tunnel is accompanied by the enchanting music, and the magic lights flashing and twinkling all the way show a mysterious beauty. Not until you fully realize what has happened, you will be on the other side of the Huangpu River, unbelieving the fantastic experience, which has finished in less than three minutes.

Jade Buddha Temple
A favorite place for visitors is the Jade Buddha Temple, situated at the cross of Anyuan and Jiangning roads in the northwest of Shanghai. The temple derives its name from its two fine white jade

Buddha, one reclined on a redwood bed and the other seated on a lotus flower. In 1882, the two Buddha statues were brought to China from Burma by Monk Huigen, who had a temple especially built at Jiangwan. In 1918, it was removed to the present site.
The Jade Buddha Temple is a medium-sized temple belonging to the Chan school of Buddhism. There are a number of structures, such as the Heavenly King Hall, the Grand Hall, the Reclining Buddha Hall and the Jade Buddha Chamber which houses a 1.9-metre-tall jade statue of Buddha carved out of a single piece jade whose color is lustrously and spotlessly white. The look of the figure is dignified with a kind face.


 Nanjing Road
Nanjing Road is considered as China's No.1 Commercial Road, it stretches from the Bund to West Yan'an Road. The east section of Nanjing Road is for pedestrain only. Nanjing Road Pedestrain Street is wourld-famous for its incredible prosperity. tourists can find hundreds of modernized malls, famous old-brand stores and specialty shops here. The number of daily visitors can reaches a million people on average. from morning to night, local people and people from all over the world coming here to take a walk or do shoppings, esprcailly at night, colorful neon lights are all shining makes the road a brilliant scenery.


 Shanghai Old City
Shanghai Old City usually means the area enclosed by Renmin Road and Zhonghua Road, with Yuyuan Garden, Yuyuan Garden Bazaar and Shanghai Old City God's Temple as the center. The bazaar is one of the most bustling place in Shanghai, and attracts many tourists everyday. In the bazaar, you can find all kinds of trinkets, souvenirs, antiques, and all kinds of handicrafts. Every visitors will be attracted by the rows of little shops with amazing collections of special merchandise of which most typical are Shanghai local ccomodities and food such as steamed dumplings. Many foreigners regards it as part of the fun in touring Shanghai

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