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Shanghai Shopping tips

Shopping tips  
There are many shopping streets and area in Shanghai,but we recommend the Nanjing Road,it known as “China’s finest commercial street,”has become a symbol of Shanghai.It goes without saying that tourists new to Shanghai must stroll around the Nanjing Road,whether they shop or not.
North Sichuan Road Business Street has department stores,as well as hardware and grocery stores.
In China Silk Fabrics Village of Nanjing,visitors can view the different weaving skills and fabrics collections,and also buy some silk handcrafted fabrics and clothing.
Local life style:Alleys,the most important component of Shanghai local culture in modern times,compose the most important architectural features of modern Shanghai.To know alleys is to know Shanghai and Shanghai people.Alleys contain the typical houses in Shanghai,which integrate the traditional Chinese lifestyle and modern commercial culture.Alleys are connected clusters of houses that have uniform style and spread in the form of a fishbone.The only gate connected with the street is the alley porch,which is usually an arcaded building.There is a small atrium in every house in the alley and there is a small “pavilion booth”and terrace in the rear end of each house.Typical examples include Bugao Alley and Jianye Alley on West Jianguo Road,and Nianwuxincun and Simingcun on Middle Yan’an Road.

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