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Lhasa Food and Cuisine

Lhasa's architecture and natural scenery seem to never get tired of seeing, and the food of Lhasa is unforgettable. Dining places are basically equipped with Tibetan furniture, full of Tibetan customs.
Potato steamed buns

Lhasa's potatoes are of good quality and very sweet powder. Potato steamed buns are made of mashed potatoes, which are covered with ground beef and fried slightly outside. It can also be eaten with ketchup.
Tibetan noodle is a typical Tibetan breakfast. It's a traditional Tibetan snack, cooked with yak beef soup. It's very fragrant. Noodles are made of barley noodles. It tastes a little hard-in and soft-out. It's accompanied by a couple of spoons of chili sauce and two pieces of meat pies. Finally, a cup of sweet tea to satisfy.
Butter tea is a kind of Tibetan drink. Most of them are eaten as staple food with zanba. This beverage is processed with butter and strong tea. First put some butter in a special barrel, add salt, then pour boiled tea, pound it repeatedly with wooden handle. Butter and tea dissolve into one to become emulsified. Butter tea has a very high calorie, pure fragrance and delicious, drink a mouthful, refreshing spirit. It has a strong milk flavor, but it is really a good thing to supplement physical strength.
Lhasa sweet tea, which has a history of more than 100 years, has become a bright characteristic drink in Lhasa catering culture. Lhasa sweet tea is made by boiling black tea, milk or milk powder and sugar. It has a sweet and delicious taste, rich nutrition and is loved by people.

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