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Lhasa performance

"On the Road to Happiness" narrates the plot through the whole play in Tibetan opera with five colors of green, yellow, white, red and blue corresponding to water (the source of life), earth (the grace of motherhood), wind (the spirit of love), fire (the holy light) and air (the combination of heaven and man). With the progressive relationship of praying, seeking, nurturing, conforting, debating and creating happiness, the whole play is condensed on the theme of "happiness". Fully expressing harmony is the theme of happiness. From one side, the play reflects the process of Tibetan national culture and art, the continuous development and expansion of Tibetan characteristic industries from Tibet to the whole country and to the world.The colorful stage, gorgeous lights, bright clothes, rich national characteristics of music and charming plateau culture make the audience unable to catch their eyes and bring them a new Tibetan style.
With Lhasa's natural landscape as the background, the play tells the historical love story of Princess Wencheng and Matsuzan Ganbu and their relatives. The play is divided into five acts, lasting about 90 minutes. With the background of Lhasa's natural mountains and rivers, combined with artificial stage and high-tech audio-visual technology, the Tang Dynasty's song and dance, Tibetan dance and Tibetan opera, which have a long history in Tibet, are integrated into one.

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