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Urumuqi snacks

Mutton Kebabs

You can find these everywhere, and are loved by foreigners and locals. Though they can be found all over, the best, most authentic kebabs are found in Xinjiang. Good chuan’r can be found for 0.5 to 2 RMB, cooked freshly to order over an outdoor “chuan’r beque”.

Nang (baked pancake)

The "nang" is part of Xinjiang people's every meal. It looks like an average baked pancake, but is actually made with special procedures, and tastes different. A good nang is made with water, egg and milk. The dough is baked attached to the inner surface of a clay-made stove. The nang is shaped like a plate,


Sanzi (Deep-Fried Dough Twists) 

Sanzi is a traditional Uygur snack made of wheat flour dough. It is stretched into thin noodles and deep fried.

Ququ (Boiled Dumplings) 

Similar to the Chinese wonton, the Ququ is a boiled dumpling stuffed with meat and vegetables, but tasting decidedly Xinjiang, thanks to the spices of the region that are liberally added.

Kaobaozi (Baked dumplings)

Unlike the regular thick-skinned dumplings of China, these are not steamed, but grilled or roasted in an oven with sweet onion and lamb.


Yoghourt (Suan Nai Zi) 

Fresh yoghourt is very popular in Xinjiang, and is frequently used in cooking.

These are the grapes growing in local Turpan Basin. Because the huge temperature difference between day and night, the fruits in Xinjiang are very sweet.

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