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XiĄŻan Food and Cuisine

Speaking of Xi'an, we often call it "food paradise". As a tourist resort, not only should there be beautiful places of interest and historic interest, but also an important one is food.
Chinese hamburger
Hearing the word Xi'an, the first thing we think of is Chinese hamburger. Chinese hamburger with meat is slightly brown in appearance, crisp in taste, tender in outside, fat but not greasy in inside, thin but not wood, with garlic powder and green pepper, refreshing but not greasy.
Cold Rice Noodles
It's great to have a bowl of Cold Rice Noodles in hot summer with a meat steamed bun. Cold Rice Noodle is divided into two kinds: rice noodle and flour noodle. Rice noodle is more tendon, and the flour noodle is perfect matched with soft and strong gluten. It is poured with red oil and tastes good.
Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup is abbreviated as mutton steamed bun and boiled bun. The main raw materials are mutton, onion powder, vermicelli, sugar garlic and so on. It is called "mutton soup" in ancient times. Shaanxi Cuisine is especially famous for its beef and mutton steamed bun. It is delicate in cooking, heavy in flavor, strong in rotten broth, fat but not greasy, rich in nutrition.
Qishan minced noodles
Speaking of Xi'an's pasta, Qishan minced noodles are well-known. Noodles are slender,even in thickness, fresh, red oil floating noodles, sour and hot soup taste, tough and refreshing tendons, suitable for both old and young. Qishan minced noodles plays a very important role in Guanzhong area. It can not be separated from other important occasions such as weddings and funerals, festivals, children's full moon, old people's longevity birthday, greeting relatives and friends.
Biang Biang noodles are the traditional flavor noodles in Guanzhong, Shaanxi Province, and the traditional belt noodles in Shaanxi Province. It is named for the sound of Biang and Biang in the production process.

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