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Zhangjiajie Performance

Charming Xiangxi show :

worked with Guang and Fenghuang Theatre, Hanan Folk Dance Troupe and Hunan Song and Dance Theatre to sublimate the folk music based on the retaining of the original ecological folk culture of Great Xiangxi. It integrates the traditional folk art, craft with modern sound, light and electricity technology perfectly and ultimately creates "Fire & Drum", "Eternal Border Town Cui" and "Chasing Love in Xiangsi Building" etc.

Tianmen Fox Fairy:

the New Story of Woodman Liuhai is known as the world’s first real-scene musical drama with the high mountain and deep valleys as the stage background. Tianmen Fox Fairy was put on at the foot of Tianmen Mountain, Zhangjiajie in September, 2009. The auditorium and main stage occupy a total area of 19880 ŠO. The panoramic stage made of glass steel occupies an area of 10000ŠO, which is transparently bright with lighting effect to form a fantastic scene. The performance areas are divided into five parts: central stage, mankind's world on the left, fox's world on the right, the singing platform in the front and the live-action of terrace and Timber Bridge at the back.

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