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Xinjiang performance

After two years of arrangement, the Xinjiang Grand Theater has launched a large-scale indoor real scene ethnic song and dance show "Thousands of Western Regions", which is the highest level of three-dimensional panoramic theme performances in Xinjiang and even the country. The music and dance of the ancient Western Regions, the history and culture of Silk Road, and the style of songs and dances of various ethnic groups in Xinjiang were organically integrated to form a unique and innovative space performance art, and a world-class brand of Xinjiang's hometown of song and dance was created.
"Donggui Impression" is the first large-scale real-life drama in Xinjiang. It uses the capital river, Savannah, and mountains as the background of the return scene. It is connected in series through stories, folk customs, culture, and history to become a set of Mongolian Turkmen. Department of classic repertoire. At present, the "Donggui • Impression" reality drama has gradually become another beautiful business card for the external propaganda of the Bayingbrook scenic spot. It can not only fully display the deep return culture, but also restore the history of the East to the East to the greatest extent. Let people feel the history of the return of the East.

The Turpan Festival is one of the most representative music and dance dramas in Xinjiang. The poetic plot combines typical Turpan style with Uygur music and dance essence, including Turpan's millennium history, myths, legends and love. It shows the most mysterious and aesthetic impression of ancient Turpan.

The audio-visualfeast "Silk Road Show" draws local myths and legends from Xinjiang and is the world's first large-scale fantasy show that reflects the theme of the Western Regions and the style of Xinjiang. In the background of Xinjiang's history and culture, it is integrated into Xinjiang's historical sites, historical sites, and song and dance culture. Lu Chuan, the leader of the new generation of Chinese film directors, has made great efforts with the top team. Fully operating the world's most advanced high-tech stage technology and equipment such as sound, light, electricity, and animation, it has created a stage system with Xinjiang style, Chinese style, and international standards. Against the backdrop of the country's strategic vision of the Belt and Road Initiative, Silk Road Show has shown the world a vibrant and longing image of Xinjiang, which is also conducive to the spread of Silk Road culture.

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