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Lhasa Yamdrotso Tsetang 6 Days Tour

Tour CodeAZ-TB003
Duration6 Days
Departure dateMar-Oct
  Route Attractions & Activities Lodgings B L D
D1 Arrival in Lhasa Group transfer from Lhasa Airport/Railway Lhasa,3/4      
D2 Lhasa Suburb AM: Drepung Monastery or Drak Yerpa
(which will be decided by AZ)
PM: Sera Monastery
D3 Lhasa City Potola Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street Lhasa,3/4    
D4 Lhasa > Yamdrotso > Tsetang Yamdrok Lake Tsetang,3/4    
D5 Tsetang > Trandruk > Yumbulagang > Samye > Lhasa Yumbulagang Palace, Trandruk Monastery,
Samye Monastery
D6 Departure from Lhasa Group transfer to Lhasa Airport/Railway      

    Arrival in Lhasa

Our staff will greet you at Lhasa Airport/Railway to transfer you to hotel. From Lhasa Airport to downtown Lhasa, usually takes abt 1.5hrs; from Lhasa Railway Station, abt 20mins. After transferred to hotel, the rest of the day you will be free to wander around the city on your own but try not to overtax yourself. The first day’s well-rest is crucial to acclimatize high altitude. Remember to drink lots of water, eat light, and not to shower if you can help it.
For our free Lhasa Airport/Railway transfer
Please check the Inclusions for the information of our free Lhasa Airport/Railway transfers.
Overnight in Lhasa

    Lhasa Suburb (B+D)

Highlight:Drak Yerpa
Today you will visit totally 2 attractions in Lhasa suburb. In the morning, we will arrange you to see Drepung Monastery or Drak Yerpa. Exactly which one of these two will be decided by our operate team. In the afternoon, we will visit Sera Monastery; You will stay long hour on sightseeing today under the fierce sun of Tibet, do arm yourself with sunglasses/ hat/ sunscreen.
Drepung Monastery was built in 1416 and is the largest monastery of the Gelug Sect. It covers an area of 250,000 square meters.
Drak Yerpa is a place that has deep meanings in the Tibetan spiritual culture. There is a saying goes like this: "Lhasa is the shrine of Tibet, Drak Yerpa is the shrine of Lhasa. Not seeing Drak Yerpa in Lhasa is just like making a dress without the collar." The entrance to the Yerpa Valley is about 16 km northeast of Lhasa on the northern bank of the Kyichu River. From there, it is another 10 km to the famous ancient meditation caves.
Sera Monastery is located in the northern suburb of Lhasa City. The monastery was named Sera which means wild rose in the
Tibetan language, because the hill behind it was covered with wild roses in bloom when the monastery was built. From of
Mon ~ Fri, every afternoon, you ll be able to see monks debating at Sera Monastery.
Also a welcome dinner will be held tonight to introduce you to the whole gang that you are going to travel with. We have customers from all over the world. Shall be fun to meet people from different countries, culture and background.
Overnight in Lhasa


     Lhasa City (B)

Highlights: Potola Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street
This morning, visit Potala Palace. It is more than 3,700 meters above sea level and it is the highest palace in the world! At the top the palace called golden roofs, you can have a bird-eye view of the whole of Lhasa. In the distance there are undulating mountain ranges, the beautiful Lhasa River, tracts of fields, tree-shaded villages and the glistening Jokhang Temple.
Afternoon, visit Jokhang Temple, it is the first built during the period of Sontsan Gambo in the 7th century, features Buddhist prayer wheels, reclining deer, golden sutra streamers. You'll find that many Pilgrims pray before the monastery.
The circuit around it called Barkhor Street, a famous local handmade crafts market, which is a good place to purchase souvenirs.
Overnight in Lhasa


    Lhasa > Yamdrotso > Tsetang  

Highlights: Yamdrok Lake
Yamdrotso Lake: dazzling Yamdro-tso(elev 4441m) is normally first seen from the summit of the Kamba-la(4700m). The lake lies several hundred meters below the road, and in clear weather is fabulous shade of deep turquoise. Far in the distance is the huge massif of Mt. Nojin Kangtsang(7191m).
Overnight in Tsetang

    Day 05: Highlights: Yumbulagang Palace, Trandruk Monastery, Samye Monastery

Yumbulagang Palace: a fine, tapering finger of structure that sprouts from a craggy ridge overlooking the patchwork fields of Yarlung Valley, Yumbulagang is considered the oldest building in Tibet.
Trandruk Monastery: Trandruk is one of the earliest Buddhist monasteries in Tibet, having been founded at the same time as Jokhang & Ramoche in Lhasa. Dating back to the 7th-century region of Songtsen Gampo, it is also one of Tibet’s demoness-subduing temples.
Samye Monastery: Samye(elev 3630m) is deservedly the most popular destination for travelers in the Ü region. Surrounded by the barren mountains and dramatic sand dunes and approached via a beautiful river crossing the monastery has a magic abt it that causes many travellers to stay longer than they had intended. As Tibet’s 1st monastery and the place where Buddhism was established, Samye is also of major historical and religious importance.
Overnight in Lhasa


    Lhasa > Airport/Railway (B)

Your 6-day Lhasa Yamdrotso Tsetang Group Tour ends today. After breakfasts, you will be free for the morning. Our staff will collect you at your hotel to transfer to Lhasa Airport/Railway.
End of tour!

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