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Travel through Guizhou Minority Areas

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Travel through Guizhou Minority Areas
 8 Days Luxury & Standard Guiyang - Sandu - Rongjiang - Liping - Zhaoxing - Congjiang - Rongjiang - Kaili

  • Day 01Arrive in Guiyang

    Our guide will meet you outside the arrival hall at Guiyang Airport and transfer you to the hotel. If time allows, you will proceed to visit the Hongfu Temple in Qianling Park, the first and largest temple in Guizhou Province. The temple boasts large dimensions, classical structures and exquisite decorations, creating an atmosphere of elegance and piety.

    Meals: No meals, advice freely available

  • Miao people tailor the clothes by themselves

    Day 02Guiyang - Sandu

    Our private transfer will take you to Sandu today, the only autonomous county of Shui People in China. En route, you will stop off to appreciate the traditional way of paper-making and visit Qingman Long-skirt Miao Village. As one of the Four Great Inventions in ancient China, the traditional paper-making is not only an ancient civilization, but also a miracle and a secret of primitive simplicity and uniqueness. The highlights of the long-skirt Miao village lie in its ethnic flavor such as female villagers' long skirts and wooden stilt houses as well as beautiful natural scenery. Late afternoon, you will reach Sandu and stay overnight at the best local hotel.

    Meals: Western buffet breakfast, Lunch

  • Day 03Sandu - Rongjiang

    The tour today begins with a visit to Yangweng Shui People's Village. You will find the special Baby-carrier from Horse-tail Embroidery and villagers' distinctive clothes. Their residences are also specially built to prevent damp and attacks from the wild animals. After that, visit Sanbao Dong Village. On the way, you could enjoy the beautiful scenery along the Duliu River. Sanbao Dong Village is the largest settlement of Dong People in southern China. Located beside Duliu River, Sanbao Dong Village occupies a flat and fertile land and enjoys a pleasant climate. The passion of the local Dong People and their colorful national culture will certainly be a magnet for you. Late afternoon, you will arrive at Rongjiang and stay overnight at the best local hotel.

    Meals: Chinese Breakfast, Lunch

  • Miao people are on the way back from the market

    Day 04Rongjiang - Liping - Zhaoxing

    Today, you will first explore Dali Dong People's Village, which is endowed with strong flavor of Dong culture and praised as 'a pearl in the mountains'. Here, you could appreciate the elegant Flower Bridges, a stone-paved street with delicate carvings, a well-preserved courtyard house and the roaring waterfall. After that, proceed to Dimen Dong Village, another Dong People's village where family visit will be arranged for you to explore their daily lives and custom in depth. Late afternoon, you will arrive at Zhaoxing and stay at the best local hotel.

    Meals: Chinese Breakfast, Lunch

  • Day 05Zhaoxing - Congjiang - Rongjiang

    The morning tour will cover Zhaoxing Dong Village and Tang'an Dong Village. Zhaoxing Dong Village is the largest Dong village. The largest Dong minority's Drum Tower group is located in this charming land. The skilful layout of Dong buildings, the elegant decorations on Flower Bridges and the unique wooden stilt houses are the highlights to see in the village. Tang'an Dong Village is noted as the first ecological museum of Dong people which specializes in its ladle-shaped well and beautiful terraced fields. This afternoon, you will visit Basha Miao Village, well-known for the unique men's hair dresses. The Basha villagers worship wood-god and believe that every life is connected with a specific tree. You will stay at the best local hotel in Rongjiang tonight.

    Meals: Chinese Breakfast, Lunch

  • In Chinese countryside, people usually buy things in some small stalls

    Day 06Rongjiang - Kaili

    Today we will drive you back to Kaili via Leigong Mountain to view the gorgeous mountain scenery of terraced fields. The mountain also boasts vast areas of original forest and ever-changing natural landscape of high scientific, tourist and sightseeing value. En route, visit Datang Miao Village, a short-skirt Miao village where women villagers wear 'mini-skirts' all year round. The village is also well-known for an ingeniously designed granary built over a pond. Then appreciate the pottery-making in a local Miao village and finally explore Jidao Long-skirt Miao Village. Late afternoon, you will arrive at Kaili, the capital city of Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture.

    Meals: Chinese Breakfast, Lunch

  • Day 07Kaili - Guiyang

    This morning, you will journey back to Guiyang and check in the hotel once arriving. Continue to visit the Jiaxiu Pavilion and Qingyan Ancient Town. Jiaxiu Pavilion is the symbol of the City. Experienced six-time large restorations from ancient to modern times, it has been a witness of the history and development of the city. Ascending the three-storey tower, you can get a nice view of the surrounding city scenery. Reputed as one of the most charming towns in China, Qingyan Ancient Town was initially built as a military town over 600 years ago. Strolling across the town, you will be astonished by its delicate traditional constructions and historical flavor.

    Meals: Western buffet breakfast, Lunch

  • Day 08Departure from Guiyang

    Our guide will see you off at airport. Wish you a pleasant trip!

    Meals: Western buffet breakfast

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