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ABOUT Hangzhou

Hangzhou, located along southeast coast of China near Shanghai city, is the capital of Zhejiang Province and also is the center of politics, economy, science, education, and culture of the province.
Because of geographical location and historical Reasons of Hangzhou, it is a highly recommended place to visit in China; as the saying goes, “above there is heaven, below on earth there is Suzhou and Hangzhou” . And it also is renowned as “Home of Silk”, “Tea Capital”, “Town of Fish and Rice”.
The famous highlights are the Grand Canal, the West Lake, the Dragon Well Tea Farm. In the 13th century, Marco Polo, a famous tourist from Italy, praised Hangzhou as the Most Magnificent City in the World in his travel journal.
As well as these relaxing and unique natural sites Hangzhou also has an active and exciting nightlife. Clubs and bars are popular throughout the city however Nan Shan road is one of the popular places for visitors and locals to get together over a few drinks. One of China’s best art universities - China Academy of Art is situated in Hangzhou and puts on exhibitions regularly.  The city is also full of small independent galleries making Hangzhou a good place to educate oneself on the China’s emerging art scene.


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