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ABOUT Hohhot

Hohhot, is located in the heart of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, with Dahei River, a tributary of the Yellow River, in the north, and close to the Beijing-Baotou Railway . It is 669 kilometers away from Beijing. In Mongolian, Hohhot means the "green city". It is the region's political, economic, cultural and transport center. Near Hohhot, There are beautiful lakes and pastures, thick ancient forests, the Gobi desert as well as a centuries long history and culture, with the minority customs and special ways of life, all these have made Inner Mongolia an ideal resort which is attracting more and more domestic and foreign tourists.

Inner Mongolian specialty cuisine, largely derived from the tradition of ethnic Mongols, consists of dairy-related products and hand-held mutton . In recent years franchises based on Hot pot had sprung up from Inner Mongolia, the most famous of which is Xiaofeiyang. Inner Mongolia is also known commercially for the brand names Yili and Mengniu, both of which began with the production of dairy products and ice cream.
Hohhot is an ideal place to relax thanks to the magnificent natural beauty of the Gegentala and Xilamuren Grasslands as well as fantastic cultural sites such as the Dazhao Temple, Five-Pagoda Temple and the Xilitu Zhao. Mongolian folk songs and wrestling are popular entertainments while ethnic delicacies and the clemency of the local people add to the enjoyment of a stay here. Travelers can enjoy a wide variety of activities including horse riding, or maybe visiting the home of a herdsman's family or roaming over the vast grassland and of course there is the thrilling Nadam Fair.

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