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3 Days Standard Huangshan

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3 Days Standard Huangshan

  • Day 01Arrival in Huangshan

    Our guide will meet you outside the baggage claim area at the airport and then transfer you to the hotel in city area.

    Meals: No meals, advice freely available
    Accommodation: International Hotel

  • Hongcun Village

    Day 02Huangshan

    In the morning, our private drive will take you to the foot of Mt. Huangshan. Once arriving, you will take the cable car up to the mountain, enjoying the magnificent scenery as the cable car is slowly going up. Get out of the cable, you will proceed to appreciate the view of the Beginning-to-Believe Peak, the Peach Blossom Peak, the Lion Peak, the Flying Stone and the Bright Summit. The Beginning-to-Believe Peak is one of the 36 small peaks of Huangshan Mountain which boasts strange pines and absurd stones. The Peach Blossom Peak is one of the 36 big peaks of the Mountain. The soil on the peak is very fertile, which makes it covered by thriving vegetation, especially the peach trees. When the peach trees blossom every March to April, the peak will be a sea of peach flowers. 

    The Lion Peak is named so because it resembles a crouched lion. It is an ideal place to view the North Sea's scenery of the Mountain, including the Beginning-to-Believe Peak and the Bright Summit. The lion's head is the Red Cloud Peak (Danxia Peak) at west and its tail is Shuguang Pavilion at east. The Flying Stone is a 39-feet-high, 8-meter-long and about 360-ton piece of rock balanced on a tiny flat ledge, just like flying over from the heaven, hence its name. The Bright Summit is one of the highest summits as well as the best site to appreciate the cloud sea of the Mountain. Ascending the summit, you could view the scenery of the East Sea Scenic Area as well as the West Sea Scenic Area. You will stay at the hotel on the mountain tonight.

    Meals: Western buffet breakfast, Lunch
    Accommodation: Beihai Hotel

  • Tunxi Old Street

    Day 03Departure from Huangshan

    The visit on the mountain will be extended to the Cloud-dispersing Pavilion and Xihai Grand Canyon today. The Cloud-dispersing Pavilion is called so because the cloud will disperse upon reaching here. It is a good place to admire the absurd stones, cloud sea, strange peaks and deep valley. Xihai Grand Canyon, also known as the 'Illusory Scenic Area', is famous for its beautiful and deep natural scenery. After lunch, the cable car will take you back to the foot of the Mountain and the guide will escort you back to Tunxi, namely the city area.
    If time permits, you will proceed to visit Hongcun Village in Yi County and then return to downtown to visit Tunxi Old Street. Hongcun is a typical water countryside village but was designed much more ingeniously in a compact layout. The whole village looks like a leisure buffalo lying quietly in the green mountain and clear water, so it is praised to be a village in a Chinese painting. Tunxi Old Street lies in the center of Tunxi District, which was once a small fishing village. Paved with maroon flagstones, the street is now a gathering place of traditional Chinese buildings and shops selling local products and souvenirs. When your pleasant tour comes to the end, our guide will transfer you to the airport to take your connecting or homebound flight.

    Meals: Western buffet breakfast, Lunch

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