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Shanghai Performance

As an ancient performing art in China, Chinese acrobatics is the first Chinese art to enter the international performing market after the reform and opening up. It is also one of the earliest contemporary Chinese original cultural products recognized by the world stage. The acrobatic evening of "SPIRAL - Dazzling" by Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe presented a beautiful acrobatic night for Shanghai audiences. Fourteen programs, including "Dawn of the Lotus Pond", "Song of the Qing Dynasty in the South of the Yangtze River", "Impression of Tai Chi" and "Charm of the Night", were staged in turn to amaze audiences.
Shanghai rap is a kind of folk music. It is popular in Shanghai, Jiangsu and parts of Zhejiang. After liberation, on the basis of the singing school of one-legged opera, the skills of expressing words by absorbing Suzhou Tanci gradually developed and formed. The form of singing is relatively free, usually one person, or two or more people. The tune comes from folk tunes, local operas and operas, and some tunes compiled by ourselves. Singing is simple and lively, but as an art form, it is still in a relatively primary stage. The performers hit the "three choreographies" made of sandalwood or jujube, accompanied by dulcimer, pipa, three strings, erhu and yueqin. The repertoire is short.
Shanghai Opera, a local traditional drama in Shanghai, is one of the national intangible cultural heritage.Shanghai Opera originated from folk songs and folk slang on both sides of the Pujiang River. It was influenced by Telltale word and other folk rap and evolved into Suzhou opera in rap form. During the reign of Daoguang in the Qing Dynasty, Tanhuang along the Pujiang River developed into a self-sung "pair-son play" by two people and a "simultaneous play" by three or more actors dressing up as characters and accompanied by special people. In 1898, artists flowed into Shanghai and settled in the teahouse to sit and sing, called Bentan. In 1914, Bentan was renamed Shenqu. After 1927, Shenqu began to perform Civilization Drama and Current Affairs Drama. Shanghai Opera Society was founded in 1941, and Shenqu was formally renamed Shanghai Opera. Shanghai Opera is a kind of opera which mainly performs modern life. Its music is gentle, melodious and beautiful. It is easy to shape the typical characters in the typical modern environment. It has the artistic beauty of strong flavor of the times and true feelings.

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